There are many international centres, organizations and institutions related to the work of the Living Institute (, Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association (, Association for Humanistic Psychology ( , APA Div 32 (Humanistic Psychology) (, Association for Transpersonal Psychology (, International Transpersonal Association (

The Association for Transpersonal Psychology ( is now part of the International Transpersonal Association, ITA. The ITA (originally founded in 1978) was reincorporated on May 27, 2008 as an umbrella group for the 28 international transpersonal associations, (see the ATP Guide to the Transpersonal Internet at modelled on Eurotas, which is an umbrella organization for 18 European Transpersonal Associations ( David Lukoff, co-president of ATP, has created a Google Group for the International Associations of Transpersonal Psychology (

The AHP website (, on its International Humanistic Psychology Network link, has a listing of Humanistic Psychology organizations worldwide, with links to these organizations or, if appropriate other methods of contact. It also has a hypertexted listing of articles written outside the USA reflecting the growing unique cultural contribution of Humanistic Psychology from different parts of the human community.

The following organizations are listed there:

  • UK Association for Humanistic Psychology;
  • Humanistic Ontosophy University;
  • The Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology;
  • Psychosomatic Ontosophy Association of Italy;
  • Islam and Psychology: Partners in Understanding the Human Being;
  • The Focusing Institute –Toronto;
  • Centro Experiential Para EL Desarrolla Humano–Chile;
  • Cente for Multi Inkarnations Terapi–Denmark;
  • World Center for Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling;
  • Northern Mexico Humanistic Psychology Association;
  • Maagalim Institute for Psychology and Counseling;
  • St. Petersburg Association for Humanistic Psychology;
  • Allan Turner's Person Centred Web Site;
  • Person-Centered Approach Institute - France;
  • The Association for Person Centred Therapy in Scotland;
  • Maitrhea Retreat Centers; Yogashala-Chile- Institute for Health & Inner Peace;
  • World Trans Humanist Association Blog; The Abwoon Study Circle;
  • Society For Gestalt Theory And Its Applications;
  • Lifeline;
  • The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation;
  • Threshold Society;
  • Gestalt Therapy Institute of Cologne, Germany.

There are many other international organizations. The following are listed according to categories.