2.2 Canadian University Departments and Graduate Schools2.2 Canadian University Departments and Graduate Schools

In Canada, this broad field is not so developed at the level of tertiary education. Canada does not have the range of free standing graduate schools found in the US, partly because of the structure of the tertiary education system, which does not easily support such self arising institutions.

There are some university departments that carry these themes, sometimes through particular individuals, free standing psychotherapy training programs, and various centres and institutions. Some prominent examples are given below.

  • York University Psychology Dept., Les Greenberg, co-founder of Emotion Focused Therapy (www.emotionfocusedtherapy.org/Meet%20Les.htm) has a specific focus on psychotherapy research and integration, drawing on the gestalt, Rogerian and existential traditions;
  • Elliot Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology (www.utoronto.ca/stmikes/eaite/index.html) in the University of St. Michaels College, University of Toronto, drawing on the work of Thomas Berry, is a collaborative interdisciplinary teaching and research institute facilitating contact between the theological and ecological disciplines and the scientific, cosmological, and cultural paradigm shifts that are sweeping our times, seeking integrative methods for contributing to the healing of the Earth in all its life systems;
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) (www.oise.utoronto.ca), in their Transformative Learning Centre and Adult Education and Community Development Program, focus on personal and social transformational themes through the arts and creativity, embodied knowing, indigenous traditions, environmentalism and nature, women’s studies, global change, and, in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, includes an holistic focus through faculty such as Jack Miller, who teaches course that include contemplative practices, spirituality, compassion, creativity;
  • International SchooI for Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS) (www.expressivearts.org) expressive arts, affiliated with the degree granting European Graduate School, (www.egs.edu);
  • the Adult Clinical Psychology Track at Universityof Windsor (www.uwindsor.ca) includes courses in psychodynamic, experiential and emotion focused therapy;
  • McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (www.utoronto.ca/mcluhan), in the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto, encourages understanding of the effects of technology on communication, culture and society from theoretical and practical perspectives, through inter- and trans-disciplinary studies.