2.1 US Graduate Schools and University Departments2.1 US Graduate Schools and University Departments

The Association for Humanistic Psychology, in collaboration with Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) of the American Psychological Association and the University of West Georgia Psychology Department, have compiled a Directory of Graduate Programs in Humanistic-Transpersonal Psychology in the US that draw on the humanistic, transpersonal, existential and somatic traditions, including teaching and advocating in the related fields outlined above, in addition to the specifically psychological applications of these traditions. Many of the leading practitioners, educators, researchers, writers and cultural activists in these traditions teach in these institutions.

You can access this list, with brief but detailed program descriptions that you can click on, at www.westga.edu/~psydept/humanisticdirectory. You will get a sense of the breadth and depth of their programs, philosophy, areas of interest and history from their websites. These websites have interesting links to follow. Some of the more prominent members of this directory are listed below, along with some other institutions not given on this list.